TV4 Nyheterna invites Rikard Lindholm

TV4 Nyheterna (National channel 4 in Sweden News) invited Rikard Lindholm to comment on the Cambridge Analytica breach of data and the usage of this in the 2016 US presidential election.

Rikard Lindholm, who has been featured in swedens biggest newspaper Aftonbladet unweiling how Trump used Facebook in the digital strategy called Project Alamo(linked to Semantiko translation. Aftonbladets swedish article: 

Rikard was invited to explaine in the national channel 4 news how Cambridge Analytica’s advertising strategies was set up, how they aquired the data, why he thinks that they most likely not have broken any data protection laws. Listen to the 8 minute conversation here: 

Rikard Lindholm, co-founder of Semantiko, participated in the Swedish Tv-news tonight regarding Cambridge analytica and how The Project Alamo, via Facebook in #ProjectAlamo, managed to win the presidential election to Donald J. Trump.

The report in its entirety:

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