Google Ads

With Google Ads, you are visible to customers when they search for companies like yours. You only pay for results, like when someone clicks to visit your site or calls your business.

Be visible when users search for what you offer

On Google, people search for what to do, where to go and what to buy. Your ad can appear on Google at the very moment when someone is looking for products or services like yours.

Whether they are sitting at your computer or searching your mobile phone, an ad at the right time can generate new customers for you.

Make your business grow with Semantiko

Make sure you are visible to potential customers when searching for companies like yours. You only pay for results, like when someone clicks to visit your site or calls your business.

Get the results that are important to you and your business

Increase the number of visitors to the site
Increase sales, bookings or leads with online ads that lead users to your site.

Get more phone calls
Increase the number of calls from customers with ads that include your phone number and a Call button.

Increase the number of visitors to a geographical location
Get more customers in the store or for an event with company ads that help people find your business on the map.

"We look after the entire customer journey - the traffic does not matter if it does not convert to customers."
Tommy Skålberg
Marketing Scientist & Co-Founder

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FAQ about Google Ads

Normally already within 2-3 weeks based on the scope of the campaigns and your goal.

Yes, because Google only charges for ads that deliver results.
We charge a fixed monthly fee without any lock-in period.
Semantiko's team has experience of working with both advertising and search engine optimization "in-house" and in a startup atmosphere where we understand how important it is to increase the base in the customers' sales tunnel. We ensure that your website converts before we increase traffic, to maximize your ROI. We also follow Google's guidelines to secure the future of our customers' results.
We look at traffic, cost and conversions. Our goal is to maximize the number of leads and customers for you at the lowest possible cost.

No, we target all regions (even if we start from Örebro and Stockholm). The primary focus is Swedish and English, but we have expertise in our network for other languages and countries when needed.

Google Ads is a powerful online advertising solution that has undergone a bit of a transformation over time. Previously, it was known as Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express, but it has now been evolved into a much more dynamic and effective advertising platform. It provides businesses with an excellent opportunity to promote their products or services on a variety of platforms, including Google Search and YouTube, as well as thousands of other websites scattered across the web.

What makes Google Ads so attractive is that it allows advertisers to personalize their advertising campaigns according to their specific goals. For instance, it enables advertisers to prioritize increasing phone calls or driving visitors to their website. Additionally, advertisers have the liberty to take full control over their budget and targeting, and can begin or suspend running their ads at any particular time. This offer of versatility and flexibility makes Google Ads an incredibly beneficial solution for businesses that are looking to enhance their online presence and increase their reach to a diverse audience.
  • Search Network Campaigns - Text-type ads that can appear in Google search results when someone searches for a product or service similar to yours.

  • Display Network Campaigns - Image format ads that can appear on websites and apps that your customers visit.

  • Video Campaigns - Ads in the form of 6 or 15 second videos that appear immediately before or in YouTube content.

    Then there are more advanced campaign types, such as Shopping campaigns, App campaigns etc. that you can ask us at Semantiko about.

Find more customers.
Google Ads is for you who want more visitors to your site, increase your sales, get more calls or get your customers to come back.

Reach the right people at the right time.
Your business is visible on Google for the very people who are searching for what you offer.

Advertise locally or globally.
Show your ads to customers in specific countries, regions or cities - or within a certain distance of your business or store.