SEO - Search Engine Optimization

If you want more visitors to find your site, increase your sales and get more calls or leads, you should invest in SEO. Relevant and free traffic around the clock.

Traffic that converts to customers

To ensure successful search engine optimization in our projects, we attach great importance to the increased traffic to the website doing what you want them to do.

  • Convert to leads or customers
  • Sign up for events
  • Download specific documents
  • etc

Make your business grow with Semantiko

Make sure you are visible to potential customers when searching for what your business offers. Search engine optimization with a focus on converting customers is part of all our collaborations.

Get the results that are important to you and your business

Increase the number of visitors to the site
Increase sales, bookings or leads with relevant organic traffic to your website.

Get increased brand awareness
The greater the visibility you get in search terms within and around your area, the greater the exposure of the company’s brand.

"We look after the entire customer journey - the traffic does not matter if it does not convert to customers."
Tommy Skålberg
Marketing Scientist & Co-Founder

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