How do I optimize ads for a local business on Facebook 

These are the two basic elements that we will build our marketing from, and start following our actions on. Some assumptions we might need to re-evaluate later but we need local business assumptions / hypothesis to start with. Otherwise, it will take a long time to create results.

Create an estimate of Target Audience

– A hypothesis about your optimal market in numbers of people. 

In Sweden we have used the following thinking: ’The total amount of treatable population is around 6 million. A strong target audience is probably the households with approx 1 million Swedish kronor in annual income. That is 6-10% of the population depending on the region. The club is estimated to have 80% of its members from a radius of 30km from the business. The prime boat buyers are estimated to live within 30 km from the coast or big lakes. How many are then left of the initial 6 million? These are just demographics, but it is important demographics because it gives us a rough gross target group.

A description of what behavior characteristics – your local hypothesis – you think your target group has.

Medias they consume, competitors they follow, age they are in, things they like to do, things they value, etc
 The ’geo-tagging’ we can do with digital marketing can in Sweden be done by post number accuracy. For example, we did a quick campaign in Gothenburg directed to the people with a chosen characteristics, living in or visiting a chosen geographical area. Reaching 5000p in a few days, all people in a relevant area for the Gothenburg boat fair.

Create Customer Awareness

The dream state for a local business is: when everybody who could be a customer, within the geographical target area, wakes up and either want or have decided to not  = All possible customers have made an active choice. This should be our vision objective. To get closer to this dream state we need to agree on the defined market (1+2) and then start our process to move that market through the marketing&sales funnel.

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