Why Semantiko with your Digital marketing Media Marketing?


We know how to drive traffic from social media to you homepage!

We enable sales towards your target group in the best and most cost-effective way via Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. We know that when it comes to all kinds of marketing the key figure is measurability.When we have taught you the value of creating relevant content and to enable a proper accounting of the tangible result social media will be the best and most cost effective marketing channel you can use when reaching for a precise target group.

Together with you, we will create the best and most efficient strategies for your product so that it triggers your customers need for what you offer and to enhance that and thereby increase your sales and lower your ROI.

We will initially look over your goals when it comes to marketing and then create the best option with content based marketing, traceability to enable re-targeting, segmenting a target audience, create worksheets to integrate long term drip marketing and most important of all: to convert leads.Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn creates sales opportunities for rapidly increasing the volume-based sales online and simultaneously you can build an unrivaled brand awareness to the entire target group or to a uniquely selected small part of it.


Why are Semantikos experts considerable to be better than most others on social media marketing e.g. Facebook in Scandinavia?

Semantikos great creative experience in marketing is our absolute strength. We have worked with the biggest brands as well as with the smaller ones. We have built from scratch and we have been brought in when to expand. What makes us the best at strategic conversion strategy of social media is that we work with a creative delight and has a results-based individual need to perform at our best. Semantiko will continuously create reports and account for each step on the progress made in the marketing strategy drawn up. The actions are measured and reported by the dedicated schedule we agreed upon and your desired goals.
We don’t keep our secrets to ourselves, we want to involve and educate your organisation throughout the process and together create a platform to engage your customers in your brand!

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