Who will win the Swedish election?

Who wins the Swedish parliamentary elections in 2018?

Looking back at the US election, by the 18th of September 2016 there were already several very clear signs that Swedish politicians should learn from and take note of. When looking at a one-year search trend and comparisons between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, you see a clear and consistent edge throughout the year.

Donald Trump compared to Hillary Clinton prior to the 2016 election



The trend was clear long before election day. Donald Trump had a head start almost all the way. This statistic is something totally missed by the media. Just like in Sweden, one relies on market research conducted by companies in the traditional way.


Comparison of the former “right wing” party Swedish Moderate Party and the right wing / nationalist party The Sweden Democrats

 I saw the pattern repeting itseld back then in Sweden comparing, the two right-wing populist parties in Sweden and the search trends of the Moderate Party and Sweden Democrats on Google, I see a similar scenario in front of me:


The interest for the Sweden Democrats is larger

If this trend continues, we will face a similar “surprise” as in the US election. The trend is that the only measurement tools that matters currently are the statistics that show interest-oriented behavior on Google and Facebook. A common Swede will, just as in the United States, not want to publicly their choice of political party (SD) when discussing politics around the coffee table at work. But in the electoral box they will choose the Sweden Democrats. No one to see and no one to judge. Probably with a change like the one we now see in the United States in mind. A change where politicians no longer act like politicians


Party-comparison of community interest for each political party in 2017





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