The Annual National Conference 2018 – Semantiko´s participation

The Annual National Conference 2018

The Folk and Försvars meeting place for Swedish security and defense policy.

The Annual National Conference, organized by the Folk and Försvar, gathers 300 specially invited participants each year to listen to about 30 speakers during 3 days of lectures, discussions, and debates intertwined with socializing and skiing. The participants are extremely qualified and the waiting list for a place is long.

Regular speakers are the Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, Minister of International Assistance and the Supreme Commander. The conference encourages formal and informal discussions between parliamentarians, business representatives, political parties, government agencies, youth organizations and various non-governmental organizations. Moderating all of the days is the experienced Pernilla Ström-Eklund.

At the 2018 National Conference, the attendees are H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf & H.K.H Crown Prince Victoria as well as several prominent international representatives, including Jens Stoltenberg, Head of NATO.

Information influence and disinformation

Rikard Lindholm talks about data analysis and about sharpshooting relevant advertising.

– How Semantiko conducts daily information influencing in decision making.

Rikard Lindholm from Semantiko speaks about optimized Facebook advertising at the National Conference. The National Conference will dedicate the afternoon on Tuesday, January 16th, on how a foreign force may affect and disrupt Swedish infrastructure and affect citizens by spreading incorrect information.

Rikskonferensen dag 3 – Informationspåverkan

Rikard Lindholm from Semantiko, together with Max Arhippainen, Chief Defense Ministry Finland and Mostafa Schurmann, Security Officer at SVT, will each inform and participate in the panel debate on how the military, state television, and commercial companies work with/against information influence.

The evolution of marketing has evolved into something that people of the 50-60-70s do not understand. Hopefully, I will be able to show them how this is not a threat, but a tool to use.


Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

Mikael Tofvesson, Head of Global Monitoring and Analysis Section for MSB and Patrik Oksanen, Political Lead Writer Hudiksvalls Tidning / Mittmedia AB will discuss the election 2018 and how Sweden can create resilience.

What is The Annual National Conference?

Every year in January Society and Defense organizes a three day National Conference in Sälen. The conference will be a meeting place for open discussion on security and defense policy in the parliament and government. Among the participants are politicians, researchers, members, journalists, and officials as well as students and non-governmental organizations.


The conference is covered by 60 media representatives from all major media companies. The National Conference can also be seen live and afterward on the Society & Defense website.

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