Web Performance Optimization is a service which ensures that your website is fast and provides a good experience for your visitors. Today it is more important than ever to have a fast website that works on all devices, smartphone, on your tablet, your laptop and the large screen of a desktop computer.

Optimize web performance

Our WPO services

Web Performance Analysis

We will do a complete analysis of your web performance and examine your site performance, user experience, best practices and more to ensure that it is setup properly.


We do benchmarking and measure key performance indicators to compare your WPO with your competitors.

Page inventory

We identify the most important parts of your site to maximize the ROI from our web performance optimization.

Site Speed Diagnostics

Load Time Analysis

We measure the loading time spent per content type to identify technical issues with images, script, html or css.

Size Analysis

  • size per content type
  • size per domain

Request Analysis

  • request per content type
  • request per domain

Improve the user experience

We optimize the most valuable pages on your site to make sure they are fast and provides a good experience for your visitors.


Measure web peformance

WPO Training

We provide WPO training to help you understand WPO and our work, but also to help you work with WPO for yourself.


– Learn how to make your website really fast!

Google Developers
Google Chrome
Pingdom tools
Web page test

Our team of experts delivers fast websites for brands across the world, helping to propel them up the rankings. And, chances are we can do the same for you.


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