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Search engine optimization of e-commerce sites

Search engine optimization of e-commerce is ongoing work. The basic rule for Semantiko is that our customers as a basis must follow Google’s starter guide for search engine optimization and that Google’s optimization of e-commerce should always focus on delivering the best user experiences on the site (user intent).

In this article we will review what you should consider when optimizing your category pages.

Optimization of Category Pages

Category pages / landing pages in an e-commerce are usually placed on the first page of the page structure. The pages collect, for example, brands in each category. If the e-commerce range is limited, the products will be displayed in each category.

Category pages often start with an introductory text that explains what each category has to offer. In search engine optimization Google considers this text is important.

SEO on Category-pages before Google’s penguin-update in 2016

Previously, the introductory text was written to display valuable keywords, which were then considered to strengthen the website’s search engine optimization.

Google’s ”Penguin”-update of the core algorithm 2016 immediately penalizes websites with texts written in ways that do not have the visitor in focus. Google then considers the text to be of low-quality.

E-commerce websites without updated texts or this focus, will probably not have qualitative texts in Google’s eyes, and this can be proven by them losing valuable placements in Google’s search results.

SEO-strengthening measures for existing e-commerce

(Detta är ett påhittat exempel)

Recommended measures proposed for optimizing content:

Do not overexpose the keywords.

It is enough to bold or italicize the preamble once. Marking keywords was common for 2012 to search engine optimize the pages. Google now considers those texts to be low-quality content since they are not user-optimized.

Explains why the visitor should buy the toys.

You should reach and convince the parents to buy the toys for their children. Tell them why children love to play with the toys and refer to, or display, ratings from previous customers.

Check spelling and grammar.

Modern search engine optimization values correct writing and spelling.

Google:” Focus on the users’ experience”

När man tittar på flera av Googles senaste uppdateringar så ökar de fokus på hur innehåll, design och layout påverkar besökarnas upplevelse, både i mobil och desktop.

Google’s ”Fred”-update on the 8-9th of March, 2017


  • Punishes websites that focus on maximizing revenue instead of users.


Google’s Intrusive Interstitial Penalty-update on the 10-11th of January, 2017

  • Punishes websites that degrades the user experience for mobile visitors.”Pages where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results may not rank as highly. Google
Google´s Fred

Sammanfattning – SEO av kategorisidor för e-handel

Clear and explanatory texts

Always write the texts clearly, explanatory and with focus on the user. The text must be written in a way that reaches through to a parent or child and convinces the parent that this is the right choice for them.


Optimize for user intent

To succeed with your search engine optimization, you need to focus on the visitors and their needs in all of your texts, instead of just trying to get higher in Google search results

Frågor att ställa er:

  • Hjälper texterna på hemsidan besökaren?
  • Talar texterna till besökaren eller talar texterna om för besökaren?
  • Kan jag förbättra något?

Questions to ask yourselves:


  • Do the texts on the websites help the visitors?
  • Do the texts speak to the visitor or do the texts simply try to command the visitor?
  • Can I improve anything?

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