Russia helped Trump win the 2016 election

How Russia helped Trump win the election

How the Russian State Institute of Contemporary developments in St Petersburg can be linked to the Donald Trump campaigns in 2016. 

Dis-information was organised from the State institute of information development in St Petersburg.

 Trump campaign manager Ben Parscle, used a lead nurturing strategy to persuade the voters to either vote or not vote by optimizing ads with good or bad articles or videos.

When Crosschecked the different Facebook Pixel used on the we realised that the pixels were used widely on official, fake news, e-commerce and on sponsors web pages.

A strategy relying on the more data – the better. And they had a lot! Every user visiting a wide variety of websites. Ex:,, and many more homepages.

Russian State Institute of Contemporary Development

(Институт Современного государственного развития)

Russian officials interfering in the election


  • Solonnikov Dmitrij – Manager of the insititute
    (Солонников Дмитрий Владимирович – Директор института)
  • Semin Denis Vladimirovitj – Director of Information Technology
    (Семин Денис Владимирович – директор по информационным технологиям.)

Donald Trumps Analytics codes

When crosschecked the Google Analytics Account a network of websites with marks on every homepage Google Analytics code the network of Websites used to manipulate the election got bigger and bigger. for – an uncompleted  website?

 A Russian mockup of the Donald Trump Campaign site

It had the Same design as many other pro-Trump campaign websites. But when passing the “email us” button realized that the email that on all fundraising campaign sites was connected to the Trump organization now was linked to a Russian-based email.

 How is the Russian linked to Trump


  • is Peugeot Partner Tepee New Berlingo Club


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Conclusion: Russia intervened in the US Election 2016 by creating Fake News-sites and left traces by using the same Analytics codes.

The architect in charge of setting up the Fake news websites was Denis Vladmirovic Semin, director of Information technology at the Russian State Institute of Contemporary  development in St Petersburg.

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