Lead nurturing by persuasion

Lead Nurturing – Persuasion strategy Framework

Lead Nurturing campaigns by Semantiko. A lead Nurturing framework like this ensure that departments don’t work in their own little worlds but work towards the same goals, together.

This framework ensures that we always create copy, content and social media activities towards the exact same goal and have relevant KPI’s to measure the success of every single activity upon.

How does Semantiko set up a lead nurturing processes?

This framework is about creating specific content for each stage of SEE, THINK, DO, CARE that our costumers notice us in instead of creating content for a pre-scripted funnel we think the costumers will follow.

See, Think, Do, Care to help our clients possible clients through a relevant user journey rather than now, when most of our content is focused on the DO stage (download now, by now etc…)

Look at the image below. It describes how all creative marketing content, copy and social across all platforms should be different in different stages and measured on different KPI’s.


The point is that most users are not ready for DO marketing content because they are still in the See or Think stage… It’s too early to offer them a 100 € off the campaign in Social Media. We always need to make the user journey more relevant to persuade the prospect to decide if ready or not.

User intent – Content

Creative content, copy or social content should be planned out from a framework with different stages – and not only measure the success of the campaign on conversion rate (a KPI for Do) but on different KPI’s that suits each stage.

Create awareness

The KPI for See stage could only be awareness, impressions or visits on a website, views on a video, read on a blog, etc… and the marketing activity (content and distribution) is set for that propose only. To reach the website… not more

Next stage is Think. This takes other KPI’s (lead conversion maybe) and another type of marketing activity (content and distribution) to take them to next stage of Do.

Convert to lead

First, in the Do stage they are ready to make a booking conversion and the KPI for this would naturally be financial.

The key is that when we want to optimize something we can look at isolated throughout each stage, instead of looking at all stages… We can analyze and see where the traffic is stuck if we measure more by KPI’s than just a conversion to lead or booking.


Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing, lead scoring, and marketing automation – we have to leverage that to make Facebook leads warmer before pushing them to the sales team. As soon as we have a great lead nurturing engine set up, we can easily optimize campaigns and landing pages to get as many contacts as we can, because we will not risk flooding the sales team with bad quality leads. Then we can also move on with optimizing this engine by A/B testing e-mails, landing pages where we redirect from e-mails, the content we provide to contacts etc.

Run tests on redirecting to content pages vs. equal content in the email. On mobile people click way less than on desktop, but most email openings happen on mobile.

We pay attention to the prospects’ engagement when setting our ads. Setting a framework such as the one above will be key in analyzing the engagement of the leads (latent behaviors), before getting to their buying intent (active behaviors). We listening more to the needs of prospects and providing the information and answers they need.

Steps we follow

  • Determine campaign goalDecide targeted personas
  • Re-purpose the existing content after persona
  • Set up a timeline, frequency, engagement
  • Measure engagement
  • Email Inbound strategy content:
  • Educational email content
  • Promotion email content
  • Best practice email
  • Demo/product email
  • Personal email
  • List of resources
  • Overall we need to make sure we optimize our lead nurturing campaigns by personalizing the TOV, keep it short, get the timing right, use closely related content, etc

How does Semantiko Measure and evaluate the leads?

We measure lead nurturing campaigns bb:

  • click-through rate
  • new leads
  • conversion rate
  • but also unsubscribe rate (!)
  • time spent on page
  • downloads, etc.
  • Lead Scoring

With a content management system, we will be able to score more efficiently our prospects. Now that we identify that we need to nurture our leads through a framework such as the one mentioned above, we should also worry more about scoring our leads. It would be interesting to see first what’s possible with a Market Automation system as Hubspot or Infusionsoft and then build a strategy/workflow for the buyer.

How do we score leads?

  • Lead fit
  • Lead interest
  • Lead behavior
  • Buying stag
  • e and timing
  • Types of Interest
  • Requested a free demo or specific information
  • Viewed a certain type of product page
  • Top-of-the-funnel interests (e.g. content gratis info packet) vs. more qualified middle-of-t
    he-funnel interests (e.g. product content like pricing pages or a free boat ride)
    Activity Level
  • Number of Web Pages Viewed
  • Number of Forms Completed (Content Downloaded or Inquiries Made)
  • The Typical Sales Cycle (How long before a lead will never buy?)


Conclusion lead nurturing

If Lead Nurturing is the backbone of a successful online marketing strategy, then content marketing is the muscle. In a marketplace where buyers are increasingly wary of ads and increasing self-education through the funnel, content marketing has stepped up to the place to give brands a voice.

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