Facebook Ads Advanced Course

Advanced course - for you who are not a beginner with online advertising.

Facebook Ads

What can you expect from this course?

The goal of the training in Facebook advertising is for the participants to be inspired by the opportunities that exist and understand how to use Facebook’s advertising platform in the best way in their business.

Facebook’s business tool Business Manager should be able to set up campaigns, optimize towards relevant target groups and for each target group create relevant messages that are visible in the Facebook flow.

Understand teh difference between different social media.

The training develops the participants’ knowledge of social media marketing. Not only by effectively advertising on Facebook but also an understanding of how the visitors of each social media behave and how you as a business should therefore adapt your speech and imagery on the various platforms.

You should be an experienced marketer or communicator with administrator access to a Facebook page and be responsible for marketing on Social Media.

Understand what the customer journey looks like.

The training enables you to then easily get a manageable overview of how customers behave via Facebook pages, websites, advertising accounts, campaigns, target groups and resources.

This overview gives you an understanding of the customers’ decision-making process and thus also an opportunity to influence them in their customer journey.

Course leader – Rikard Lindholm

“Sweden’s best Facebook advertiser.”

Rikard has extensive experience in digital marketing with a focus on marketing and advertising with the help of Facebook & Google.

  • Expert in optimized Facebook advertising & data-driven marketing.
  • Marketing Scientist
  • Co-owner Semantiko

Course content

Create content to nurture, maintain and care for potential and existing customers. How we establish a process where you develop relationships between buyers and all steps in a sales tunnel and every step in the buying process.

News value and user-focused
Relevant creative idea work

Then we take a closer look at different ways to find and create interesting content.
What gets engagement? Identify what gets shares, likes and comments on Facebook and get a better understanding of why it's important?
How can you think to find your target audience's best triggers?

On Facebook, creativity and innovative thinking are rewarded. We look at the target group that we create through Facebook, FB partners and your own collected data.

This separates Facebook from Google. Here, the optimization takes place through registers and whether the target group's Interests - Behaviors - Demography - Geography match.

How do we work with Power Editor, Facebook's advanced advertising tool? How can we strategically build processes for e.g.

  • Long or short term conversion strategies
  • Dynamic advertising

Reviews of different strategies of advertising to segments of target groups with eg relevant content via Power Editor in a long-term conversion strategy.

Brand Awareness - Brand awareness among the target group.

Local knowledge (Geographical) - Those who move around the store should know it or get offers.

We go through the purpose, relevance for target groups, how to practically create the ads, how to price and how to measure the ads.

  1. Offer - Get the target group to download the offer.
  2. Generate leads - Convert visitors to leads.
  3. Increase participants in events - Make the target group want to participate in events.

We go through the purpose, relevance for target groups, how to practically create the ads, how to price and how to measure the ads.

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  1. Click to Website - Drives traffic to your website.
  2. Product Advertising - Get the target audience to buy the product.
  3. Conversions on the website - Get the target group to fill in a form, download a pdf or similar.

Strategies to increase traffic and conversions on the website through a good strategy on Facebook and proper UX on the page.

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Using the Desktop App - The target audience should use your software.

Installation Desktop App - The target group to install applications.

Downloading a Mobile App - Get the target audience to install the app.

Engagement in a Mobile App - Get the target group to open the app.

We go through the purpose, relevance for target groups, how to practically create the ads, how to price and how to measure the ads.

  • A / B testing
  • Data collection
  • Post scheduling
  • Robots for Marketing Automation

We know that the work of advertising on Facebook takes time. We help you with a more efficient planning of the advertising so you have time for other things.

  • To evaluate their PR efforts
  • Measure relevance
  • Continuous improvement

How do you measure the results of Facebook advertising? How do we analyze the statistics correctly?

What our clients say about us.

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