Employee branding with Social Media


Employee branding with Social Media – Part 2

Fishing where the fish are – recruiting and building brand awareness via Social Media


What is the top driver for worker engagement, satisfaction, and employee retention?

Numerous studies show that an employee’s relationship with their manager is key. A poll revealed that even in today’s tight job market, fully 60% of responders would leave their companies because of a bad boss while 21% cite good brand awareness as the single most important element of their loyalty to their current employer (only 6% less than those driven primarily by employee compensation).
And screening that a candidate is organizational fit for the company has traditionally fallen into the realm of pre-employment screenings and interviewing. But the time has changed to today’s highly selective, the employerdriven market often favors pipeline building and profile based recruiting over traditional on a minute / right in time methods.

Create a social media recruiting toolbox.

The methods that recruiters use to source, develop and engage with candidates and customers are only one piece of the recruiting 3.0 tool box. Recruiting using social media offers a competitive advantage, both in how to present a qualified candidate to an HR manager and in how to prepare a candidate for an interview. Both are critical components of the job recruitment process. This is the social media keystones:

Create a Job-Specific Blog:

Successful job searches start with successful job descriptions, but creating a comprehensive, targeting job posting strategy should involve more than simply repurposing the same position over and over again.

Using a free service like Google’s blogger or WordPress, you can set up a basic blog for each of your searches in minutes.  It doesn’t have to be visually complex; just enough to create a hub for your other job posting efforts and social recruiting activities.

By setting up a simple blog for each job, you’ll organically boost SEO to your careers site as well as other platforms, where your job is posted.  Most importantly, it provides a format where recruiters (and HR managers) can provide perspective on a job while engaging candidates.

Please take 5 minutes to go thru Tele2 Search engine (Google) keywords by googling ”Siemens analyst Latvia” ”lead transition manager Latvia”. No top posts trace back to Tele2 and when they do the posts are to an irrelevant recruiter.

TIP: http://www.seolytics.com – Register a free account – 1 domain is free.

Make your HR Manager an ambassador

While a good job description is often an important starting point, one of the most important (but often neglected) step in the hiring process is a three-way “kick-off” meeting with the HR manager, recruiter and HR partner to discuss the current employment situation. This will allow you to build a profile of what a successful candidate might look like and review the anticipated challenges and opportunities for the job search.

Critical to this meeting is the opportunity for both the hiring Business Partner and the HR manager to provide perspective on the HR manager’s professional history, leadership style, and management philosophy.

Rather than simply use these notes as background material, however, streaming video technologies make it easy to record this information and possibly use it as recruitment advertising collateral during the search process.

For example, at a relatively low cost, talent organizations can purchase a shared FlipCam to bring to these ‘kick off meetings,’ capturing the HR manager in their office, conference room or other meeting space where the interview is likely to take place, sending important visual clues about things like company culture and managerial style that can’t be conveyed in a typical job description.

First, be sure to have the HR manager’s consent to do a film. If everyone agrees, you can record a few quick clips of them discussing their philosophy and the job position.

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/ Rikard Lindholm,  Semantiko – Making The Web A Better Place – Sweden AB


This document was originally made for a workshop in Employer Branding for Tele2 Shared Service Center. They needed to make the students of Riga university aware of the job opportunities available at the Tele2 Shared Service Center.

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