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Breakit and Semantiko exams the Swedish Political party’s Facebook pixels

Semantikos Rikard Lindholm was once again able to pronounce himself as an expert on Facebook advertising in an article focusing on the Swedish parties’ election strategy online. Several of the Swedish parties had failed to ask for permission by the new GDPR rules.

This proved to Breakit and Rikard Lindholm at Semantiko had the chance to comment on what they are doing wrong and what he thinks about the case. In one part of the article he expresses, among other things as follows:

In matters such as the attitude to surrogate motherhood, HBTQ questions and abortions, the Facebook pixel looks at what we answer. Richard Lindholm is critical.

“It is populist to join a team that GDPR but yourself advantage of this as much as possible just because it is the choice.”

The article, written by reporter Erik Wisterberg, can be read in full here: Swedish parties maps you online – on the sly, “breaking the law.”

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