Facebook Pixel + GDPR = ? Advertising on Facebook using the Facebook Pixel generates one of the best and most relevant forms of advertising. However,

google ads 2023
Google Ads

Google Ads in 2023: What to Expect

It is difficult to predict exactly what will happen to Google Ads in 2023, as the field of online advertising is constantly evolving with many


Facebook algoritm update

Facebook requires more to reach out. “The media world is shaking”. Facebook’s algorithm not only benefits the users on the platform, but also advertisers. In


Lead nurturing by persuasion

Lead Nurturing – Persuasion strategy Framework Lead Nurturing campaigns by Semantiko. A lead Nurturing framework like this ensure that departments don’t work in their own little worlds


What is Facebook pixel?

Facebook pixel explained and how it works with GDPR. (updated 20 july 2019) A Pixel can be created in the”Facebook Business Manager”-account by an administrator