Atlantic Council: Keynote at the Strategic Communications and respons to Digital Disinformation

Transatlantic Forum on

Strategic Communications and

Digital Disinformation

– What impact does disinformation and fake news have and how to counteract it?

On December 1st, the Foreign Policy Institute, together with the Swedish Civil Protection Agency and the Atlantic Council, will organize a closed weekend conference on strategic communication, and on “A Transatlantic Response to Disinformation”. The idea is to identify the best practices and concrete steps forward to work against this.

Semantiko co-founder will participate in the conference


Rikard Lindholm from Semantiko is invited as an expert in digital and data driven marketing / optimized advertising. Rikard will hold a 10 minute keynote presentation and participate in panel debates.

Opening speakers on Thursday

  • Nils Svartz, Interim Director General MSV
  • Daniel Fried, Ambassador and Distinguished Fellow to the Atlantic Council
  • Alexandre Alaphilippe, Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer for Saper Vedere
  • Alina Polyakova, David M. Rubenstein Fellow to the Brookings Institution

A transatlantic respons to dis-infomation

A transatlantic response to disinformation


On October 26th, The Atlantic Council held its first conference, which can be listened to here: A transatlantic forum to disinformation.

America has been very much aware of disinformation and Fake News following the disclosure of Russia’s campaign during the United States presidential election of 2016. Partners of the conference are also  NATO, Baltic American Freedom Foreign Office & Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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