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We believe in ourselves and only take on assignments where we know we will make a difference. On the last line.

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Founded in 2015 by Tommy Skålberg and Rikard Lindholm, Semantiko is a Swedish marketing and technology company that specializes in online brand marketing. Our mission is to enable businesses to excel in all digital marketing channels, including individualized persuasive communication, search engine optimization, and advanced ad-tech facilities.

Tommy and Rikard’s decision to establish Semantiko was driven by their shared vision to create a digital marketing agency that focused on delivering meaningful results for clients. They recognized the need to move beyond traditional metrics like clicks and traffic, and instead concentrate on understanding and improving the entire customer journey. By exploring customer biases and fundamental values, our team has developed a unique approach that emphasizes conversion and positive influence at every touchpoint.

At Semantiko, we started small, working with emerging businesses to refine our model and develop a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey. This hands-on approach has allowed us to grow organically and expand our expertise, enabling us to serve clients of all sizes with the same level of dedication and innovation.

Today, our team of digital marketing professionals is equipped with a diverse skill set and a passion for staying ahead of the curve. We specialize in SEO, social media marketing, PPC, content marketing, and web design, offering customized strategies that drive real results for our clients.


By working closely with businesses to understand their goals and target audience, we create tailored marketing campaigns that not only resonate with their customers but also fuel long-term growth. As a partner in your digital journey, Semantiko is committed to making your online presence unforgettable and ensuring that every click, interaction, and decision leads to a meaningful and positive outcome for your brand.

Be Nice and Good

We always choose our clients carefully and only work with those that share our core values, are looking for a partner to grow with, are transparent and, most importantly, good-hearted.


MTWABP Sweden AB was founded in 2015 by Tommy Skålberg and Rikard Lindholm.

Tommy Skålberg
Marketing Scientist & Co-Founder

Rikard Lindholm
Marketing Scientist & Co-Founder

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