We are Semantiko

Daniel Dehn, Facebook advertising specialist

Facebook advertising specialist

Rikard Lindholm, Marketing Scientist, and Co-founder Semantiko.com
Tommy Skålberg Data scientist & Co-founder Semantiko.com

100% money back guarantee

“100% money back guarantee if you don’t improve your sales in the first 1yr. ”

*1yr contract of SEO, SMO and CRO


It all started one day for both of us asking ourselves the question: why aren’t today’s web solutions better suited to us, the users?

The idea of changing the digital environment grew for both of us to the better. A couple of months later, meeting for some coffee discussing marketing online we decided with tons of experience and knowledge of digital marketing, SEO, SMO, WPO, UX, web development and entrepreneurship to take the step, the leap of faith, believing that we can make a difference helping business who needs to be helped.


MTWABP SWEDEN AB was founded in October 2015 with the Swedish VAT number: SE559029073901.


  • Be transparent. We always strive to achieve the best possible results. Measurability online ensures that all actions along the way are reported.
  • Be innovative. We know how the web works. It´s the one who opens up a new way of thinking who wins. Therefor we encourage creative thinking, open minds, new ideas and fresh approaches.
  • Become your client’s customer. We know that concept solutions do not work in the long term. All brands are different and therefor to create a top conversion rate, the digital marketing strategy has to be re-strategized regularly.
  • Be passionate and inspiring. We always have fun! We love what we do; we are incredibly passionate and happy doing it. We work creatively, stimulating and we challenge! That gets us recognition for what we do on a daily basis.
  • Be helpful. We don´t do concept solutions like everyone else. But we know the absolute best that does so please ask for our suggestions and we will point you in the right direction.